Everything You Need to Know About the Types of CBD Products

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is the rave of the moment in the medical world. A lot of people have started to see and appreciate the incredible qualities embedded in this unique natural solution for a lot of medical conditions.  

If you haven’t heard about the product, check your internet connection again. You may have been living under a rock. 

Okay, jokes aside, this article will briefly explain what CBD is, and why everyone is jumping on this bandwagon.  

Cannabidiol is extracted from the natural hemp and marijuana plant. But unlike pot, CBD does not make its user get ‘high’ when ingested. What you get is a truckload of benefits, with little or no side effects.  

There are different types of CBD product, and we are going to take a look at them all: 

CBD Edibles. 

One of the easiest and best ways to consume CBD is through CBD edibles. These are eatable products have been infused with CBD.  

They include candies, gummies, pastries, and lots more. Of course, they taste yummy and delicious, and come in different flavors to match your craving. 

CBD tends to last when it is taken as an edible. If you’re a sucker for candies, satisfy your guilty pleasure.  

CBD Pills and Capsules 

CBD pills and capsules are a powdered form of CBD swallowed and digested in the stomach. Adding them to your diet as a supplement would improve your life.  

One of the advantages of the CBD pills is that the CBD content is already set, and you don’t need to measure it before swallowing. Dosage differs according to each unique product and ranges from 10-25mg.  

CBD pills and capsules tend to contain lasting effects when swallowed. 

CBD Tinctures 

CBD tinctures are CBD crunched in liquid form. It is the most common CBD product on the market. Tinctures can be ingested by taking a few drops on or under your tongue or along the cheeks.  

The dosage for each bottle differs and can range from 100-1000mg of CBD.  

CBD Concentrates  

Similar to tinctures, CBD concentrates contains ten times more dosage than the typical CBD product. If you seek a CBD product with high potency, then this is for you.  

Taking a few seconds to consume, you can apply a few drops on or under your tongue, or along your cheeks.  

CBD Sprays  

Unlike CBD concentrates, CBD sprays are typically the weakest in CBD dosage. A vial contains 1-4mg of CBD. It is sprayed into the mouth—2 or 3 sprays, or as indicated on the inscription.  

CBD Topicals  

CBD topicals are an emerging product that is being added to balms, lotions, and salves. Topicals have been tested and proven to help with inflammation, psoriasis, acne, chronic pain, and even anti-aging treatments.  

It can be used on the go or if you have a skin condition. You should apply it to the skin where it matters most.  

CBD Vapes  

CBD vapes are vaporized CBD oil, meant to be inhaled orally, like cigars. It is considerably lower in concentration than other CBD products. To get started, what you need is a vape pen, vaporizer or an e-cigarette.  

It is recommended to take a few deep breaths before taking a puff. Exhale and savor the flavor before taking another. The longer you inhale, the stronger the dosage of CBD flowing into your body.  

CBD Oil for Pets  

Our flurry friends are not left out of CBD’s unique benefits. If your pet is experiencing pain, place a few drops on their food before giving it to them. They’d feel better afterward.  


CBD is so unique, it comes in different forms for different purposes. While you take advantage of the many ways to take CBD, it is important you purchase quality CBD products. 

And that’s why Plant Lifestylz is here. We have a dazzling assortment of recommended and quality CBD products for you and your pet(s). Go ahead and see for yourself. 

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