How to Extract CBD from Hemp

Popular supplement, Cannabidiol (known by all as CBD) is making headway across America and beyond as an alternative medical solution of a huge number of health and mental disorders.  

Due to its incredible health benefits, CBD is one of the most sought-after (if not the most sought-after) supplement on the planet.  

While it is a chemical compound extracted from hemp, CBD is proven to be non-psychoactive. This means you’re not going to get high off of it. 

 However, CBD oils are extracted and prepared differently, which, according to its usage, will have various effects on your system. Hence, it is necessary to conduct research on a CBD product before making the decision to buy.  

This article is going to explore the different methods of extracting CBD from hemp.  

Olive Oil 

This method of extraction is the oldest form in the book. It is not only the best method that can be tried out by anyone, but it is also the safest method to carry out.  

The method requires decarboxylating (heating) the raw hemp plant to the desired temperature. This action is carried out to stir up and activate all the chemicals inside the hemp plant.  

Olive oil is then added to the decarboxylated hemp plants and the mix is heated yet again. The cannabidiol locked away in the hemp plant is extracted at this point along with the olive oil.  

Hence, the cannabidiol content, due to the olive oil, will not be concentrated as CBD isolate. The dosage for CBD extracted using olive oil is taken in relatively high dosages for it to take effect.  

CBD oil extracted using olive oil are perishable in nature, hence, it must be kept in a cool, dark place.  


CBD extraction by solvent involves making use of butane, propane, naphtha, isopropyl, and many others as an agent to extract CBD from hemp. This method is extremely dangerous due to the highly-flammable of the aforementioned liquids. Also, these solvents are known to pose serious health concerns such as cancer if not extracted properly.  

Hemp trimmings and flowers are placed inside a container. The solvent is then poured inside the container, soaking it completely and stripping the leaves of their CBD content.  

The container is then decarboxylated to the desired temperature, in which the concentrated CBD in a liquid state is then extracted.  

To ensure a completely safe CBD extraction process, natural solvents such as olive oil and ethanol are added to the mix. However, it should be noted that during solvent extraction, Chlorophyll is also extracted which gives off a bitter taste.  

Carbon Dioxide  

While this method poses no health risk, or even leave any trace of chlorophyll, it is the most expensive method practiced to date. The CBD produced from this method has a pleasant taste.  

This method makes use of the closed-loop extractor which houses 3 chambers. Carbon dioxide is pumped from the first chamber into the second which contains dried hemp.  

In the second chamber, the CO2 becomes supercritical (a state between gas and liquid) and combines with the hemp and extracts the CBD.  

The entire mix is then pumped into the third chamber where the CO2 is evaporated, leaving the isolated CBD in the chamber.  

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