How to Take CBD Crystals

Because of all the attention CBD is getting on the internet and at selected retail shops across America, you must’ve heard about it and its incredible benefits by now.  

A lot has been said about some of the popular CBD products on the market: CBD vapes, tinctures, bath bombs, gummies, lotions and so on.  

Albeit, there are some forms of CBD that don’t get enough screen time, so to speak.  

This article is focused on exploring CBD crystals and discussing the various ways you can make use of it.  

What are CBD Crystals? 

CBD crystals till date remains the purest and cleanest CBD available. This type of CBD marks a 99% purity level with a little leeway for other terpenes and cannabinoids in the extract.  

This form of CBD can only be extracted using the supercritical CO2 process, where the hemp plant is heated and filtered to remove unwanted compounds and waxes.  

Basically, CBD crystals are CBD isolates in crystal, powdery form. Because it is non-psychoactive, CBD crystals contain no trace of THC, which makes it very legal and safe to use.  

Now, we explore the various methods you can consume this product.  

Combine with vape liquid.  

CBD crystals can be combined with your preferred vape liquid for vaping. All you have to do is add a few teaspoons of CBD crystals to your vape liquid and shake until the crystals are fully dissolved and coalesced.  

Prepare edibles.  

One of the amazing ways of consuming CBD crystals is by mixing it to prepare edibles. These crystals can be infused with coconut oil or butter.  

If you’re going to be using butter, you have to melt it using a low temperature before adding the crystals. You are to stir for about 6 minutes before you can mix it with other ingredients when cooking. 

Know that with edibles, CBD crystals take a longer period to take effect on your system. It is known to kick in between 1 to 2 hours.  

Dissolve it sublingually  

CBD crystals, like most CBD oils, can be dissolved sublingually. All you have to do is hold it under your tongue for 90 minutes.  

The crystals are swiftly transferred to the bloodstream. With this method, you’re guaranteed that the effect will take place immediately.  


Dabbing is one of the popular ways of consuming CBD crystals. You’ll need the following materials: 

  • CBD crystals 
  • Dabbing tool  
  • Dab ring  
  • Blow torch  

To get started, you’re to turn the crystals into the dab tool and heat the nail with the blow torch till it is reddened. Take a moment for the nail to cool down before melting the crystals. You’re to inhale afterward. Dabbing, like the sublingual method, works almost immediately.  

Mix it with a carrier oil.  

You can also opt to mix these crystals with olive or coconut, to create your own CBD oil—with more potency. To achieve this, you’re mix crystals and coconut/olive old in hot water till they have been properly blended.  

Where can you purchase CBD crystals? 

You can purchase highly-recommended CBD crystals and other CBD related products from Plant Lifestylz. All our products have been third-party tested for standard quality and are approved for use.  

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