How to Use CBD Powder

With the sudden increase in the demand of cannabidiol (CBD) and its related products, it is necessary to know the various types of CBD oil, and how to go about using them.  

This article is focused on exploring how to use CBD isolate better known as CBD powder. Before we get down to discussing how to use CBD powder, we need to know what it’s all about.  

What is CBD powder? 

CBD powder is known as a crystalline, pure, single-molecule CBD. It is an isolated form of CBD that has been extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD powder is non-psychoactive and free from every trace of THC.  

There are some benefits that come with CBD powder: 

  • CBD powder contains no THC. When it comes to CBD isolate (or in this case, CBD powder), there is no trace of Tetrahydrocannabinol—the chemical compound in cannabis capable of rendering its users high.  
  • Easily measurable dosage. Amongst the many forms of CBD, CBD powder is the form that can be easily measured for dosage. With the aid of a kitchen scale, you can determine the weight of the CBD powder which is the same for the CBD content inside it. For CBD creams, tinctures, or even edible, it is herculean to determine the exact dosage required for use.  
  • CBD powder is cheaper to purchase. Compared to CBD oils, edibles and tinctures, CBD powder is relatively cheaper to purchase online or on selected malls.  

Now that you’ve known all there is to CBD powder, how do you make use of it? Virtually anything. Because it is tasteless and odorless, you can make use of it in several ways. Some of them include: 

  • Placing it under your tongue. One of the fastest ways to consume CBD powder is by placing it directly under your tongue. It is highly recommended to place and leave it under your tongue for about 50 seconds. This method ensures that the CBD is delivered to the bloodstream through the mucous membranes, offering the relief sought after. You can decide to wash it all down with water and swallow after a while.  
  • Through ingesting. You can infuse CBD powder into drinks and food by dissolving it. The relief takes a longer time to kick in (after 30 – 90 minutes). Then again, the effect lasts longer than the rest.  
  • Mix it with your body cream. CBD powder can also be mixed into your body cream. It is important to take note of the amount of CBD powder you’re mixing with your cream. You can apply and massage spots on your body where the pain is experienced.  

Like the other forms of CBD, CBD powder is unique and comes baring a truckload of benefits. Hence, it is important you purchase a high-quality CBD powder from a reliable source.  

Here at Plant Lifestylz, we sell high-quality CBD products including CBD powder for consumption. All our products have undergone independent tests and have been certified for usage.  

Take a moment to go through our excellent collection today. Something will definitely interest you. 

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