Is CBD Legal in Maryland?

Cannabidiol oil, in recent years, have become a one of the most sought-after medical supplement to treat many health and social conditions. The WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence in 2017 released a study on the many benefits of CBD including: 

  • Cardiovascular diseases  
  • Infection  
  • Social anxiety  
  • Depression 
  • Insomnia 
  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Nausea 
  • Cancer 
  • Huntington’s disease 
  • Skin infections and many more  

As a chemical compound extracted from the marijuana and hemp plant, it doesn’t come off surprising when people begin to ask questions pertaining to its legality. Being a ‘hemp extract’ alone is enough to raise eyebrows.  

For residents in Maryland, this article is aimed at settling any doubts you may have concerning the legality of CBD oil.  

The Farm Act of 2014 signed by President Barrack Obama authorized states and local governments to cultivate and research on ‘industrial hemp’. This Act also allowed states to have a general oversight in the regulation and restriction of industrial hemp.  

The state of Maryland, the next year, launched House Bill 803 which alienated industrial hemp from the embargo placed on other extracts derived from the cannabis plant.  

House Bill 443 was also moved in 2016 authorizing the cultivation of industrial hemp in the state. This Act further permits the usage of products that are extracted from industrial hemp, making it totally legal for it to be bought and sold in the state.  

You should note that the usage of medical cannabis is still a federal criminal offense punishable by law under the Controlled Substances Act which categorizes medical cannabis as Schedule I drug.  

So, yes, it is totally legal to buy CBD oil in Maryland, as long as the THC content in the oil is no more than 0.3%. You have the option of purchasing CBD oil from numerous stores across the state and order from online shops like Plant Lifestylz.  

However, caution must always be exercised when dealing with purchasing CBD oil from local shops. 

Due to its availability and legal status, more CBD vendors are popping up from every corner of Maryland. Most of these vendors are only bothered about making money off CBD products without carrying out thorough checks.  

There have been cases of some farmers using fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate hemp plants which is not only flat out wrong but instigate several health concerns.  

For one, hemp is an organic crop and is supposed to be grown organically while it harnesses air and water. Some of these vendors do not bother to check out the validity of each product or its sources, as they have been reported to provide testing certificates from unverified sources.  

Hence, you don’t know what you’re going to get when buying CBD oil from retail shops, as you may be buying a harmful product.  

We at Plant Lifestylz pride ourselves in distributing highly recommended CBD oil and other related products for general usage. All our products have been duly tested and have been certified for usage by industry experts.  

With our swift delivery system in place, wherever you are in Maryland, you can count on us to get to your doorstep without hassle.  

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