CBD Delivery Methods are a widely discussed topic amongst new users and vertern CBD enthusiaists alike. Here at Plant Lifestylz we have put together a handy infographic to help educate the world on the delivery methods available for CBD.


Deciding to take Cannabidiol is a positive choice. We should applaud those people who take action to improve their health. However, after taking that initial decision, there are more choices ahead. The next matter to deal with is selecting your preferred option from the list of CBD oil delivery methods.

1. Sublingual CBD

Taking CBD via the sublingual method is extremely popular. It is as simple as placing the oil drops under the tongue. The sublingual gland does the rest and absorbs the oil quickly. It would be advisable not to swallow or wash down with liquid. This method rapidly enters the system and is active for up to 6 hours. It is stable, consistent and versatile. In fact, you can even take it with food and drink.

2. Vape CBD Oil

If you want CBD in your system fast, vaping could be the solution. This is a fast way to get Cannabidiol into your system. The downside is it also leaves the system faster than other methods. Hence, it may be necessary to increase the frequency of dosage and regularly top up the CBD. Vape oils have a different viscosity compared to standard tinctures.

3. CBD via Ingestion

Not everyone wants to take drops or use vaping products. This is where ingestion comes in handy. Offering the power of the CBD with convenience and discretion. Wherever you are, at home or place of work, consume CBD softgels, capsules and edibles with the minimum of fuss. Popular examples of edible products include gummies and chewing gum.

4. CBD Suppositories

It comes as a surprise to many, but suppositories are the fastest way to get CBD into the body. Of course, while absorption may be fast, this method is not for everyone. It is a specialist option for those people with serious health problems who are unable to ingest CBD by other methods.

5. Topical CBD

In the majority of cases, Cannabidiol will promote healthy skin. Hence, it is no surprise that CBD creams, balms and salves are becoming hugely popular. These products come in several different strengths for topical application to the skin. Topical CBD allows for precise targeting of problem areas on the body.

6. CBD Infused Food & Drink

There is a growing range of CBD extract infused food and drink products. The list of new products is growing at a fast pace, but some examples are honey, chocolate, coconut oil and whey protein. Some of the popular drinks include CBD coffee and CBD infused water. There is also CBD beers and soft drinks coming onto the market.

Whatever your circumstances and the type of symptoms you are looking to address, the above list of CBD delivery methods should include a method that will meet your specific requirements. Choose your preferred method and buy CBD extract online sourcing a good quality product. Hopefully, your experience will have a positive outcome and produce the desired improvements in health.

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